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Click the Link to see study guides for upcoming promotion tests.  This is a huge part of your grade, so plan accordingly for study time.


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Welcome to your new main page. Due to COVID-19 (a.k.a. coronavirus) CMI will be on distance learning until further notice. As we have transitioned into this Digital Learning format, this page is an effort to facilitate instruction. We will, of course, go over much of the information upon our return to the traditional classroom. I feel that it would be beneficial for all of you to have knowledge of the necessary CACC curriculum and material.

Please follow the suggested daily/weekly schedule posted below. We will be using Google Meets for class sessions and delivering "in class" material as well as for answering questions about the material being covered, otherwise, please make sure to email your questions. Make sure to be as specific as possible in your email so that I can better address your question(s).


For all LIVE in-person  class and interactions please click here.


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