Independent Reading

This semester, you are required to read a novel on your own time, outside of class.  You can choose from three novels, and you must have your choice read by the end of the semester.  Sometime during the last 2 weeks of school (I will inform you of the official date when it gets closer), you will spend a day in class during which you take an exam on your book.  

You will be allowed to use your digital copy of the novel on the test, but your time will be limited to the single 50 minute period during which we take the test.

(Click on Link for PDF of the book!)

Choice 1:Of Mice and Men

Choice 2: Bless Me, Ultima

Please stay on track with the reading and be ready for the test.  Although study aides like sparks notes will not be enough to help you pass the test, they might help you analyze the literary themes and symbolism found in the literature.  Please use them to teach yourself to analyze literature on your own.